ETS Xtendacam

  • Quickly access and inspect out-of-reach targets up to 16′ 4″ with the iShot Imaging XtendaCam™ Tilt-Pole Camera Inspection System, designed specifically for viewing, illuminating and recording inaccessible areas in a matter of minutes. The new slender and lightweight version of the XtendaCam Tilt System boasts a 1/4″ CCD camera and housing on a motorized tilting mechanism allowing the user to charge the vertical orientation of the camera in a 320-degree range. The camera system offers a crisp video output, 40:1 zoom, auto-focus, variable shutter, gain, exposure, white balance and backlight compensation. The lighting is provided by an LED white light illumination ring reaching targets up to 25 feet away. The newly designed, user-friendly control pad allows the camera head and the lighting to be adjusted quickly and accurately.


    • Sony FCBIX11A Camera
    • Anodized, waterproof housing
    • 320-degree tilting mechanism
    • Adjustable 4-inch LCD Display
    • 40:1 zoom
    • LED white light illumination ring
    • Pole-mounted Color Recorder
    • Easily view live video, record .MPG files and .JPEG images
    • 40GB Hard Drive
    • 130 hours of video storage space
  • Video footage of The XTENDACAM at work:
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