• The GE40 alignment tool is designed to assist the deployment of Golden Engineering Sources manually and remotely/robotically. This laser alignment tool currently fits the XR150, XR200, and XRS3. The GE40 will fit all 3 of the listed sources without the need for separate adapters. The GE40 has 4 green lasers embedded into the engineered housing. These lasers are set to emit a 40 degree laser from the sources’ focal point. The GE40 can also be rotated about the cone to change the visual user preference. The GE40 is powered by a standard 9V battery, for easy maintenance.

    The GE40 is a great tool to train new techs with proper source alignment. This includes uneven surfaces, near and far standoff, large mosaics, etc. In addition, you can remotely X-ray, via robots, and have certainty of encasing the panel(s) with the source cone.

    • 4 green laser design
    • Universal mount on XR150, XR200, XRS3
    • 9 V battery
    • Lightweight printed/Aluminum design
    • On/Off button with switch protection
    • Quick install design with 2 captive screws
    • Can be rotated for user desired laser location
    • Pre-aligned at 82”
    • +/- 1.3” accuracy from 24”-144”
  • Photos of the GE40 Laser in action: